Infor ERP LN Implementation & Support
(On-Premise & Cloud)

Effective management of resources is imperative to the success of organizations facing increased performance pressures.

Inavista offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) services that help clients get the most from their ERP LN investments. We implement, integrate, manage and support Infor ERP LN.

Our Baan/LN consultants are well versed in the technical and functional areas in all system variations—including Baan IV & V, Infor ERP LN and even Triton-era systems. Our team members have years of experience implementing worldwide ERP rollout strategies, and have facilitated some of the industry’s largest ERP LN implementations. We bring this real-world experience—along with our solid client service and support—to each and every project.

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ERP Implementation

Business Assessment
Assessing the business need and justification for an ERP LN system and identifying the key areas of focus.
Initiating and scoping the ERP LN implementation project process.
Building the roadmap for a successful ERP LN implementation that meets targeted objectives.
Implementing the ERP LN suite, including database management, development tools, applications server and business intelligence.
Functionality Enhancement
Providing resources and technology for functionality enhancements to meet specific business requirements and other modernization activities.

With one of the largest ERP LN implementations
in North America to our credit,

Inavista draws upon this experience to help our clients maximize their ERP investment return and achieve optimized operations to help grow their business.

At Inavista, we are mindful of the following key success factors when proposing
an ERP implementation solution to our clients.

Process Excellence
  • Command of all essential functions of the enterprise
  • Greater functionality, flexibility and adaptability
  • Better usability and access, for more people, in more ways
  • Find new ways of doing business
Increased Insight
  • Better reporting and analysis of business performance
  • Improved operational efficiency with better processes & practices
  • Greater visibility of all activities across the entire business
  • Improved support to mitigate risks and assure regulatory compliance
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Ability to consolidate instances
  • Ability to retire custom or legacy applications
  • Ability to standardize business processes globally
  • Step by step adoption of innovation

Tools for Project Success!

Our internal proprietary project management tools enable us to use the power of real-time visibility, on-the-go mobile access and embedded workflow to drive our projects to success.

Functional and Technical Consulting

Inavista consultants step in to assist with improving productivity and enhancing performance, and to provide value-add services throughout the process. This is especially important in today’s business environment where cutting edge practices win over cut throat competition.

We help our clients realize opportunities and take advantage of these circumstances. With deep industry knowledge and a broad range of capabilities, we are well equipped to help our customers look at challenges from every angle and create solutions that avoid unnecessary risk. More importantly, we help our clients stay focused on the implementation from the design phase through the roll-out of the solution.

In short, our professionals help clients develop strategies that ensure success and flawless execution.

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We follow the 5P protocol (Prior planning prevents poor performance) in approaching our implementation projects. Our approach to training is similar: Proper training prevents poor performance…and enables great performance.

A large part of the success of our ERP LN implementations is due to the excellent Training that our consultants provide our clients, prior to, during, and after the implementation process.

Training our clients properly on each functional module of ERP LN has been a key contributing factor in our Project success, and ultimately in our customers’ successful and skillful use of ERP LN to achieve greater competitiveness and profitability.

Project Recovery Services

How is your ERP LN implementation going?

Over budget, behind schedule, with no end in sight? Not all ERP projects go as planned.

Whether it’s scope creep, a resistant organization, lack of training, or simply ineffective project management, these factors can slow a project down and consume resources.

Inavista can help! We rescue compromised ERP implementations and help organizations take back control.

Inavista provides ERP rescue and recovery services to turn around your failing ERP implementation. Widely recognized globally as the leading firm in the niche of Infor ERP LN implementation, we are proud of our proven track record for successful ERP roll-outs and quality work.

Our Project Recovery Team averages 20+ years of ERP LN, industry, and business experience and are uniquely qualified to identify and implement a corrective action plan for your ERP LN project. We get involved in rescuing compromised ERP implementations all the time, and we are proud of our record in seeing them through to success.

Our typical project recovery service begins with an assessment of the root causes of project failure. An experienced team of Inavista professionals will conduct an independent assessment of the entire project covering areas such as:

  • Organizational support
  • Technology and business process alignment
  • Controls and governance
  • Implementation of best practices

Our assessment will reveal the root causes of the Infor ERP LN implementation project problems. Inavista will make recommendations for project turnaround actions, taking into consideration the following aspects of proper project management protocols such as:

  • Project management techniques, including activity tracking, budget and schedule control, status reporting, etc.
  • Configuration practices
  • Test strategy, test planning and test execution
  • Data quality and data migration strategy and planning
  • User procedure and training development and execution
  • Deployment and go-live planning
Take Action Today!
If your ERP project is in trouble, give us a call. We’ll help you map out a path to recovery.

Health Checks

At Inavista, we believe solution safeguarding and implementation oversight is critical to help protect your ERP investment.

As an Infor ERP LN implementation partner, we provide health check audits during our implementation cycle. We conduct at an assessment of the current state of an ERP LN implementation and make recommendations for improvements in both technical and functional aspects, as well as in solution design and organizational alignment.

The benefits of a health check audit are:

  • Mitigate up front any risk of your implementation by auditing the solution
  • Address all functional and technical aspects, and applying best practices
  • Reduction of implementation showstoppers
  • Where possible, address potential problem areas before going live, or providing help in troubleshooting post go-live problems
  • Act as an independent auditor of your solution