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Key Success Factors

Program Management Office (PMO)

Our PMO focus is on business strategy and organizational alignment, while balancing your needs across your entire organization, ensuring program governance, and assessing organizational readiness.

With support from the client sponsor(s), stakeholders, and management team, we measure the program’s progress against the organizational strategy and objectives to ensure successful delivery and sign-off of all major project milestones all the way through the program closure.

Whether your program is global or national in nature, you are guaranteed to have the right structure required to support your program for successful roll outs. Our Program Managers are well versed in program management methodologies for managing large, complex, global implementations and deployment, to ensure the program meets its overall objectives through to its successful completion.

Our comprehensive program management methodology and supporting project management tools provide relevant measures, monitor progress of your projects and your overall program investment.

What we do:

  • Develop stakeholders’ map for their vision
  • Define the interest of each business group
  • Provide strategic overview and reporting on program to senior management
  • Plan and execute communication plan to stakeholders and team
  • Use tools and standards for managing the program
  • Plan, track, and report on deliverables and outcomes
  • Provide information and logistics management
  • Manage financial planning and tracking of budget
  • Monitor, manage and mitigate risk
  • Manage issue tracking and resolution
  • Work with the client to manage cross-project interdependency
  • Set up quality control standards, discipline, and track the overall implementation
  • Set up and track change control procedures
  • Provide in-house consultancy on program and projects;
  • Providing training to projects and programs management teams; and
  • Perform auditing and health checks on program and projects.

Project Execution & Delivery

We apply our project leadership skills and delivery expertise to achieve results and ensure successful ERP roll-outs.

Our leadership team consists of Senior Program and Project Managers with deep industry experience, technology expertise, and strong business acumen who provide successful project execution.

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Project Management

Each year, there are more IT projects that face critical challenges – or fail altogether – than there are projects that succeed* . In all industries, across all corporate functions, projects are threatened with delays due to unmanaged risks, miscommunications, budget overruns, lack of real-time visibility and failure to collaborate on key deliverables.

Because of our extensive experience in resolving these problems we have developed a unique project management methodology for managing risks, communications, budget control, real-time visibility and collaboration.

Our internal proprietary project management tools enable us to use the power of real-time visibility, on-the-go mobile access and embedded workflow to drive our projects to success.

Business Case Justification / ROI Analysis

We work with our clients to understand their organizational strategy and objectives. We can then help the sponsor(s) or project champion of the program capture the basis of the mandate and business case to justify approving and authorizing the funding for the program.

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Project Readiness, Planning and Evaluation

We use a set of Project Readiness and Planning Checklists to achieve better project readiness management and to help ensure no activity is missed.

The Readiness Management Process looks at team skills, key timeframes and milestones of the project, key elements of the kickoff meeting, draft project schedules, and more.

The Project Readiness Assessment is used to ensure the resources have the right set of skills required for performing the project efficiently and is aimed at ensuring that the project team understands the project objectives, procedures and plans.

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Global Implementation Strategies

Inavista helps companies define the right strategies to deploy your ERP enterprise solutions across the entire organization. We have the experience required to guide you through the best implementation strategies to meet your company goals, budget and timelines.

We take into consideration all the important key elements that will ultimately define the best deployment strategy to ensure successful implementations of your ERP solutions.

Key Factors Influencing Deployment Strategies:

  • Commonality and standardization of key business processes
  • Global versus localized business processes
  • Data governance and ownership
  • Master data management
  • Local requirements, language, currencies
  • Integration required among various sites
  • Centralized versus decentralized IT organization and ERP support structure
  • Global shared services
  • Project teams’ strengths and internal skills
  • Resource availability and location
  • Implementation models for future rollouts
  • Legacy system constraints

Inavista provides direction and helps companies focus on making the right decisions for their global ERP implementation.

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Risk Handling and Mitigation Strategies

Risk management and mitigation strategies are put in place during the project planning stage to preempt all possible threats or detriments that can adversely affect your project.

The Risk Management Plan (the framework) and the Risk Mitigation Plan are developed to manage all aspects of risk management, and used to identify all known and perceived risks, and to determine the response actions.

Each critical point identified in your project will have a set of mitigation strategies incorporated in the procedural guidelines.

Are you project risks being monitored and mitigated? Our proprietary tool will help manage these complexities and keep your projects on track.
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